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Verification of UAE Visa

Asian subcontinent passenger who want to visit UAE countries and visa has been sponsored in UAE or issued. The visa need to be verified by respective airline before boarding airline, once visa is verified the airline update OK TO BOARD massage in the particular passenger airline PNR and the passenger can board the flight and can travel to the UAE countries (Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi) In case a passenger have online or E-visa, Ok To Board massage must be updated on airline PNR to avoid hassle in travelling, after visa issuance, the visa copy should be sent to airline in order to verify that particular visa for Ok To Board updation on PNR. In absence of Ok TO Board massage on PNR, the airline will not allow the passenger to board the flight in any case although one have a valid UAE visa. Ok To Board is a visa verification process initiated by airlines to identify the people who travel to UAE on a fake visa. All airlines connected to UAE like Emirates, Indigo, Spice Jet, Air India Express, Air Arabia etc. require Ok To Board to be updates.

Ok To Board Process:

Respective UAE visa sponsored always send a valid UAE visa copy along with air ticket copy to the airline office, airline double check all details about the passenger and update Ok To Board massage on respective airline PNR. It always need to be remember that only visa sponsored can request airline to update Ok To Board massage on passenger PNR. Normally airline update this massage before 3 days of travelling. Once this process done either a passenger can call airline directly to know about Ok To Board status or airline directly call to passenger for update about Ok To Board.

Oktoboard.com helps customers to get their UAE visa and Ok To Board done on time. Every time you need a Dubai visa call our customer care center and get the visa done. Once we issue your visa we always directly send your original visa to respective airlines to avoid last minute hassle in travelling.

Just a simple call to us on the below numbers and get you visa DONE DANA DONE DONE

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