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Customers travelling to Dubai 

Customers travelling to Dubai on a visit visa are required to get their visas verified. After verification, the relevant offices will insert an ‘Ok to Board’ message in the PNR.

1. For Visas sponsored and issued in the UAE

In cases where the visa has been sponsored and issued in the UAE, the visa sponsor should approach the airline office to update the visa message, along with original and one copy of visa. The original will be returned while the copy will be retained by the airline office. This includes visas obtained from travel agents / tour operators in India who in turn have obtained the visas from sponsors in the UAE.

In case of online e-visa, same procedure is to be followed except that the original visa is not required; the sponsor is required to only submit one copy of the visa.

The staff concerned will verify the authenticity of the visa and insert “OK to Board” message on PNR. AED 10 service charge will be levied to the sponsor at the time of verification of visa. This charge may change without prior notice.

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