About Australia

Australia is the sixth largest country of the world. Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean Australia is the only country that is also the only continent-cum-island. Its scenic beauty is breath taking and Sydney, is the most frequented destination when it comes to Australia Tourism. It is a beautiful country and there are a lot of spots which are loved by the international tourists. The department of tourism also offer a number of facilities to the tourists.


Australia-being one of the strongest economies, holds the record of attracting a number of tourists, every year from all over the world. It is the 12th largest economy of the world and holds its position at higher ranks when it comes to economic freedom and protection of civil liberties. It is also known as a peace loving country and hence tourists can easily roam across the country. The beautiful transportation facilities also prove much helpful to the tourists who love to move from one destination to another destination frequently.


Australia is the perfect mixture of rural and urban beauty. You can go for a tour in the tropical rainforest, or visit the heritage-The Great Barrier Reef. Australia is famous for its adorable wildlife of Kangaroos and Koalas prevalent only there. If you follow the Australia travel guide, you can dive into underwater paradise or take a tour around the Sydney Opera. Not a single day can go vacant once you visit the country as there are a lot of attraction spread here all over the country.


Being quite a westernized country, the culture of Australia is highly influenced by Anglo-Celtic Western Culture. The people are updated with latest fashion trends quite well. The town planning being quite westernized and the people-modernized, the country has every bit of sophistication that can also be much helpful to the tourists from Europe as well as America.


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