About Bali

An entirely magical experience, Bali Tourism is a major tourist attraction being a beautiful Island of Indonesia. With its enchanting beauty and divine aura Bali is the place to pray, adventure, fun and relax. This spectacular province of Indonesia has endless sites to explore and allows you to grasp the beauty of nature every second of every minute you spend here. This Island has a rich ancient history which makes it rich and majestic, culturally. The charismatic beauty of this Island includes the natural and the man-made environment charms its way to your heart. The wonderfully blue waters and the lush greens around the Island not only bring peace but provide a perfect environment to relax. According to the January 2014 census the Island has a population of 4,225,000 of which, Balinese Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism are the mainly adhered to.


The beaches of Bali are the most wonderful part of this Island. The most attractive coastlines and the greenery around attract the tourists the most. With several beautiful temples around the Island is an exemplary example of a place to pray. The weather here remains pleasant apart from the rainy season that starts from November to April. However, the rains are also something one would enjoy in this tropical Island. With so many outdoor activities to do and games to play with water sports this destination is ideal for the nature lovers and beach lovers. From the luxurious spa & massages to the very exotic beach bars this place is a completely dedicated to its tourists. The Indonesian food, people and culture attracts all who come close to it. The very romantic nights at the discos or pub around the town or a candle lit dinner on this wonderful Island is a memory to cherish. You will find everything to be extremely appropriate for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation here.


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