About Egypt Tourism

Exploring the country of Monuments and Pyramids


Egypt is a country with ample ancient history and significance which goes back to the time of pharaohs. It is located near northeast Africa connecting the Middle East. It is a transcontinental country spanning across Northeast Africa and Southwest Asia. Also known as the Eurafrasian nation, most of the Egypt’s territory i.e. 1010408 sq km lies within Nile Valley. Egypt is a Mediterranean country. The capital city of thecountry is Cairo which is also one of the happening cities of thecountry for sightseeing.


On an Egypt tour, one can find an array of old monuments situated along the Nile River valley, colossal pyramids, Sphinx at Gaza and Karnak Temple. Egypt is the most populated country in North Africa with 90 million people. It is also known as the 15th most populated country of world majority of which is located near banks of the Nile River.


The ancient heritage and monuments have greatly benefited the Egypt Tourism. In the recent past, the tourism of Egypt has registered remarkable growth which shows the popularity of Egypt as a tourist destination. In fact, tourism is an important part of Egypt economy.


Another attraction of Egypt is the Nile Cruise, which offers short and long tours within the country. There are 9 International Airports in Egypt with great connectivity worldwide. The main mode of transportation for passengers in thecity is railways. One of the important aspect while travelling is the currency. One can use Egyptian pound for thetransaction in Egypt. Egypt has a Mediterranean climate. It has a desert-likea climate which is hot during day and cool at night. At times, it is humid too. You can visit Egypt is from October to May, which is the best time.


One can explore many Egypt Holiday packages from various tour and travel agents who can guide on locations as well as travelon the basis of the tourist’s budget.


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