About Fiji Island

Fiji, is a country which is also an island in Melanesia located in South Pacific Ocean. It is officially called the Republic of Fiji. This place is a cluster of more than 332 islands of which 110 are permanently inhabited. Among all the islands, the two major places Viti Levu and Vanua Levu account for 87% of the population. Suva is the capital and the largest city, which is located in Viti Levu.


Tropical Marine is the climate in Fiji, it is warm round the year with very minimum extremes. Generally the warm season falls between November and April and the cool season lasts from May to the month of October. Rainfall is variable and winds are non-extreme and cyclones occur about once a year.


Normally economy of a country is due to various topographic situations and the same applies to Fiji even. Economy of Fiji is due to forest, mineral, and fish resources. Even Fiji island tourism also plays a vital role in the revenue generation for the country. Fiji island travel guides also helps the tourists visiting this island country to explore it more and enjoy the visit. There are a lot of resources that helps one to make money easily because of the beauty of the country.


People in the country speak Fijian, an Austronesian language and "Bula!" is the word which is commonly heard by the people for many times in a single day which means "hello" and is pronounced with a smile on the face. The people here are warm by heart and believe to welcome the guests with humane gestures although there may be language barrier. The country is a perfect location to visit by those who love to explore the nature and natural facts and therefore this island country hosts a lot of researchers also every year.


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