About Kerala

The state of Kerala, with its captivating scenic beauty lies along the southwest coast of the peninsular India. The region has an intensely tropical landscape, and receives the highest rainfall among all states. Based on population, Kerala is the thirteenth largest state of India and its capital is Thiruvananthapuram (now known as Trivandrum).


When it comes to Kerala tourism, places like Cochin- that narrates the peaceful history of the state, Trivandrum- that includes beautiful beaches, and the backwaters of Kerala, hold their position as initials on the visiting places list. If you follow the Kerala Travel Guide, you will know how small of a city Kerala is, with beautiful historical monuments. The peace and scenic beauty embraces the land of Kerala. The beauty spread all over this state attracts a number of domestic as well as international tourists who love to embrace the natural views.


This state is also much famous for its beautiful Hindu temples which display unusual sill of architecture and excellent carving on stone which simply mesmerise the tourists visiting them. Most of Kerala's temples are usually built on an elevated ground, and are built in such a way that excess of rainfall and sunshine is prevented. The Puttan Malika palace and Padmanabhapuram Palace near Trivandrum are perfect examples of the beautiful architecture of Kerala. There are a lot of temples in small towns as well as cities that have acknowledged great fame due to the high level of skills they are built with. There are a lot of temples still standing tall after a number of centuries of their foundation.


The roads of Kerala slide through beautiful landscapes with churches and tea or rubber plantation on either sides. The scene of a village in a densely populated city, can be enjoyed at the Backwaters of Kerala.


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