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On the land of India there are a lot of beautiful places where the Mother Nature has spread the beauty with all her skills. This place known as Ladakha also has a lot of areas where the awesome beauty of nature can surprise the visitors here. Ladakh- The Land of mystery never fails to amaze the tourists visiting the place every year. It is a region in Jammu and Kashmir extending from the Kuen Lun mountain range till the Great Himalayas to the south. The place is filled with religious sites and wild life sanctuaries. It is the most perfect place for adventures such as Hiking, and trekking. Those who love to experience the activities in cold can surely be a guest here and enjoy the best of the activities in the snow covered areas.


If you follow the Ladakh Travel Guide you will come across a wide range of places to visit. You can pay a visit to the beautiful Pangong Lake, or go for a long drive to the Magnetic Hill, that can offer you a different riding experience than anywhere else in the world. Once you're done with admiring the scenic beauty of the place you can pay a visit to the historical sites like the Shanti Stupa or the Lamayuru Monastry. Shifting to the adventure part of the place, then Ladakh tourism also brings you Camel safari and the Yak Safari which really gives a beautiful experience with the movement of body.


You can try out the delicious cuisine in different restaurants, or go for souvenir shopping in the local markets of Ladakh. The place is Paradise for trekkers and mountain lovers. The snow capped hills and mountain ranges will drop your jaws open in awe. The place just has so much to offer for the tourists and visitors.


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