About Nepal

The Nepal is the land of Gorkhas and Sherpas. The brave communities raised in the Himalayas where there are hills in all the directions and snow of Himalaya everywhere. Nepal is a country with land on all four sides in the south east region of the Asian continent. Nepal is the world's 93rd largest country with a population of around 27 million people and has an extension of 147, 181 square kilometres in Asia. Nepal is located in the Himalayas and is bordered by India to the east, west and South, and by china to its north. Nepal is separated from Bangladesh by the Indian Siliguri corridor and its capital is Kathmandu. This small country has huge rich heritage culture and a long history of mankind with the mountains.


Eight of the ten tallest mountains of the world reside in Nepal, including the world's highest peak- Mount Everest. Hinduism is prevalent in the country, those are the Nepalis along with it Buddhism and Christianity are also found in much lesser percentage than the Hindus.


The simple yet beautiful mountainous city of Nepal Kathmandu, has a number of tourist attractions in its land. Nepal tourism includes places like historical temples, cultural heritages and national wildlife reserves to be visited. The Nepal tour includes activities like mountain bike, river rafting, or trekking. The place is filled with vibrant scenic beauty once you take a look of the city from the Himalayan view point. The snow covered mountains of the Himalayas are simply breath taking. The tourism has a great significance in this small country and hence there are a lot of activities related to the tourism and other activities developed on this land. There are a lot of international tourists visit this small country due to the Himalayas and the adventurous activities one can enjoy here.


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