About Singapore

With the name of Singapore, people visualise a modern city with all the modern facilities of life. This image of Singapore is created with the strict discipline of the government and hard work of the citizens. The Singapore is basically a small island city, with a number of other small island that joins the union. A number of citizens from different countries have settled here and with their settlement various cultures also are presented that has made the city a true cosmopolitan. The Singapore is an island and main city of the island country also. The city is well-planned and much cleaner compared to many other cities of the world.


Since almost three decades this city has been constantly progressing and there is almost no front on which it has not marked its achievement. It has an award winning airport and a number of parks as well as museums where the memory of past has been preserved with utmost care. The city has excellent public transport system and therefore one does not need any private vehicle here. A lot of people can be seen here exploring the beauty of city on foot. The city is also spread in limited area geographically that makes one reach to another place or area with great ease.


There are a lot of tourists visit the city as they are attracted with the natural as well as artificial beauty of the city. As the city is close to equator, the atmosphere is always pleasant here that makes people enjoy the season at its best. A number of cultural programs and festivals are organised here as there are people from every culture stay in this marvellous city. There are a number of tourist spots here and therefore tourism industry is also well organised here and that is very much helpful to the tourists visiting the city.


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