About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the tiny island of the Indian Ocean, located to the south of India is also known as “The Lost Paradise” or “The Pearl of Indian Ocean”. This island, as tiny as a tear drop, is located along the southwest of the Bay of Bengal. The two main pathways that separate the island from India include the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait. Of these two, the Palk Strait is quite narrow, such that you are unable to see the infinite beauty of Sri Lanka from as far as India, but you can travel in those enormous ships through this strait.


The Adam’s Bridge was originated when Lord Rama went all the way from India to Sri Lanka, to fight Ravana and get Sita back home. This is a natural causeway, but was troubled and damaged during the turbulence caused by a violent storm. The historical importance of this bridge is enormous due to its linkage with the holy books of Hinduism. The Sri Lanka has though seen a lot of troubles but now emerged as a beautiful tourist spot that can be explored by the tourists well who love the natural views and historical places.


The diversity in the geographies can be attributed as the beauty of this land. You will find mountains ruling some parts, while a majority of the land is filled with flat to rolling coastal plains. The beauty in the diversity of land is accompanied by the thoroughness in the climate. You will find warm tropical climate in these plains, and you will just enjoy the weather. It is thoroughly matched with beautiful scenic surroundings, making up for a romantic getaway.

Apart from the vast scenic lands, this place is also renowned for the cultural and civilization it holds on to. An in depth history unfolds whenever you visit this place.


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