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There are a lot of areas in different countries which have noteworthy places to be at. One of such leading country which people love to visit is also among the Middle East that is known as Turkey. This country has a lot of things that world can learn and progress. Turkey also officially known as the republic of Turkey is located in Western Asia. There are a total of 8 countries that border the region including Iraq and Syria to the south, Bulgaria to the north, Iran, Armenia and the Azerbaijani exclave to the east. The place is a cradle of cultures and tradition. The place has been inhabited since the medieval ages. Hence, it also has a huge cultural heritage that one can see even today and be a part of it. Those who love history and monuments, this is the most interesting country for their preferred choice as there are end number of areas with great historic values.


When you take the turkey tour you will get to know about how much of a rich heritage Turkey was. There are several places that can be visited for site seeing in Turkey. When it comes to Turkey Tourism, then places like the Sultan Ahmed mosque, the Topkapi palace and the Hagia Sophia are some of the famous tourist attractions of the place that are on the priority list of the visitors.


The museums, and scenic view of the place during the festival season is beautiful, and the Turkish cuisine is also enjoyed by the tourists visiting the place annually. Since the Muslims hold a larger proportion in the society of the place the cuisines and the festivals celebrated here are more towards the Muslim religion. The language of Turkey is called Turkish and the traditional wear of the men and women here depend upon their cast.


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