Adventure in Nepal

Since Nepal is known as the Land of Mountains, one can easily imagine the wide array of activities and adventure prevalent in the country. Trekking, ballooning, bungee jumping, and river rafting are some of the famous activities in Nepal. Due to its high level altitude and snowy areas the life is obviously a bit different than usual life in most of the areas. There are a lot of visitors keep on visiting in this area for the adventurous activities associated with this beautiful land.


If you want to experience Adventure in Nepal, you must definitely try out rock climbing. There are several mountain ranges, suitable for this activity. Those tempting ridges and steep slopes of the Himalayas, offer perfect thrill and adventure for the tourists. This activity will give you the perfect kind of memories to take back home. You will find yourself clinging on to the edge of a rock, tied on to a rope, trying to climb the steep mountain. It is really a place for the professional climbers and not for the novice.


The Himalaya is the perfect kind of playground for the activity of Ice Climbing in Nepal. The activity demands skills, since the mountains are of high altitudes with extremes in temperature. You will have the perfect kind of Adrenaline rush while performing this activity. While moving from place to place, one requires great courage for every single step as a small mistake can change your physic.


Bungee Jumping is the perfect start for your adventure in Nepal. You will be balancing yourself on a 500 feet suspension nestled with a mountain. You can go for the Balloon tour to capture the beautiful scenic beauty above the Kathmandu valley. It comes along with a full course breakfast to enjoy with the remarkable beauty of the place.


Canyoning is the best kind of adrenaline sport in Nepal. You are tied to a rope and you need walk through the edges of a canyon. The canyons include unusual rock formations, and you can swim through the narrow passages and valley with the blast of the rivers and streams. It is the best sport where you can discover the forbidden places of the world with a lot of breath snatching moments.


Adventure in Nepal has the best options to choose from. The place is filled with activities and your trip can never go vacant once you visit this land amid the snow.


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