Australia Festivals

Australia is all about celebrations. There are a number of festivals celebrated every year in Australia. Be it a small festival, like a community based one, or a big gathering that includes international performers, the chain just goes on and on.


The Sydney Festival: Among the famous festivals of Australia, the Sydney Festival is the most awaited of all. It is held during the month of January and hosts 80 events in 3 weeks. It invites 500 artists from boundaries and beyond, and keeps in the mind the perfect quality of shows and events that take place. The festival includes several outdoor events and covers all forms of arts like dance, visual arts, theatre and many more. The festival is held mainly in most of the main theatres across Australia. There are a lot of people who just love the festival and arrive here from all over the country during the festival days.


National Multicultural Festival: During the month of February, The National Multicultural Festival is held in Australia. It is not as big as the Sydney Festival but is enjoyed by the local Aussies. The four days event include Spectacular Food and dance. It hosts a Carnival down the street where traditional artists showcase their talents. For the festival lovers with local flair, it is a perfect festival to remain present and enjoy different arts from a number of artists from all over the country.


The Brisbane Festival: The Brisbane Festival during the month of September is a show stealer. It engages participants from all over the world. It has a vast number of supporters all over the country. This colourful festival includes dance, music and live dramas in the theatre. There are a number of international artists who never fail to perform in Australia at this time of the year. The beautiful scene of fireworks in the dark sky, and the throbbing beats of loud energetic music, brings life to the festival. Those who know nothing about dance also can be seen dancing on the beautiful tunes of the music performers.


The Darwin and other Festivals: The Darwin Festival which is organised in the month of August represents the lifestyle and uniqueness of the country, The Adelaide Festival of Arts held during the month of March that gives a platform to several form of arts, and the Melbourne International Arts festival during the month of October are some of the main festivals of Australia.


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