Bali Festivals

Bali with its natural splendor is definitely one of the most visited tourist destinations in Indonesia. With its very beautiful culture, Bali is a place of prayers, peace and knowledge. The people of this Island follow Gods and deities as per the religion they follow. Hinduism being one of the major religion followed by a huge population here, results in many temples and shrines around Bali. Some of the most beautiful temples and historical places are a must visit in Bali. The Balinese have a mighty inclination towards the culture and arts which are also celebrated in the form of various festivals that are followed here. Some of these festivals date back to the centuries old traditions and some are scheduled every year.


Some of the very eventful festivals celebrated on the Island are:


  • 1. The Kites Festival - To celebrate the cultural traditional Balinese Kite
  • 2. Galungan and Kuningan - A ten days festival
  • 3. Odalan - To celebrate the anniversary of the temple's founding
  • 4. Melasti - For purification one day prior to Nyepi
  • 5. Nyepi - The Balinese New Year
  • 6. Sanur Village Festival - Cultural fest of the Sanur beach community
  • 7. Saraswati - Celebrates the Hindu Goddess Saraswati
  • 8. Makepung Buffalo Race - A bull race
  • 9. Art Festival - Art performances held from June to July
  • 10. Harvest Festival - For rice harvesting
  • 11. Indonesia's Independence Day - 17th August


These beautiful festivals mark the existence of the exemplary people and their culture, traditions and beliefs. The festivals bring out the artistic sides of the people and the tourists enjoy these festivals as well as the Balinese people. The bright colours, articles, smiles and the decoration around enhances the feel of being in Bali. People from all around the world also plan their trip to land here on the festival dates so they can be a part of these wonderful celebrations. An exquisite site Bali becomes the place to be on these auspicious occasions. Apart from the traditional festivals celebrated here the Balinese also follow some of the other religious festivals that will make you feel so empowered when you attend them. During these festivals it is advised to visit the beautifully decorated Temples and shrines of Bali that are a vision around this time. A ecstatic experience Bali has a beautifully cultural background that prevails and is nurtured extensively by the people who live here. A sight to see do visit Bali during the festival time and know some more of Bali.


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