Bangkok Pattaya Festivals

Festivals are celebrated in every city and all over the world as per the culture of the land. These are the days which are special for the locals as there are many events and incidents associated with the day and land. They differ from region to region and religion to religion. Thai people have various kinds of festivals which are celebrated in their own style and enjoy themselves during the celebration. List of famous festivals in Bangkok Pattaya is growing up as the days pass. Some of the important festivals for Thai people are ancient festivals like Songkran which is the widely celebrated festival by the people of Pattaya that takes place in the month of April between 13th-15th dates elucidating the arrival of New Year according Budhist calendar. It is a family celebration in general and is celebrated by pouring the scented water on the hands of elder people and the grandparents. In return the elder people bless the younger generation with wealth and prosperity in all means. In the afternoon, people wash the images of Buddha and splash the holy water on themselves. The throwing of water on each other is a kind of fun included activity and is the best way to make people cool and comfortable. Besides of making holy shower, they also make fun on this particular festival. There are also religious songs and dances take place in various areas.


Pattaya marathon is one more famous festival and is an international event that attract runners from various countries of world as well as local people. It is generally held in the month of July and is characterized by full marathon, half marathon, and quarter marathon. Sometimes it also includes wheel chair marathon. The event generally starts in the evening around 4:00 PM and the streets are completely occupied with the spectators encouraging the competitors. There is also Chonburi Buffalo race that is much popular among the tourists as well as locals. In this festival the water buffaloes are honored. Usually this event is celebrated in the month of October.


The Pattaya music festival is a kind of entertainment festival in Bangkok Pattaya Festivals which is the loveliest festival for the Thai people, held in the month of March every year includes Thai pop, rock, indie groups performing shows on different stages and entertain people. It also attracts lot of music lovers here and entertain them with the best music.


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