Bangkok Pattaya Tourism

The Bangkok and Pattaya are considered as most fun filled destinations in the tourism industry and hence both of these destinations host a lot of foreign tourists every year. Pattaya is a city located in Thailand, which is well known as beach resort. It is about 100 KM south east of Bangkok. Bangkok Pattaya tour is one of the best tourist places of Asia, which attract families, couples, friend troops and even single visitors who are pretty much interested in tourism. This place has a tropical wet as well as dry climate which is divided into different kinds of seasons in combination i.e. hot and dry, hot and humid, hot and rainy. And therefore it provides ample opportunities to tourists to roam in the area and explore it to the fullest extent. There are lot of known destinations in the surrounding of the area where one can easily move and enjoy the specialty of the spot.


Accommodation is not a bother for Bangkok Pattaya tourism peopleas it has luxurious hotels ranging in different price ranges providing various kinds of facilities. There are even simple guest houses for the people who want make their accommodation within low budget. Pattaya is also famous for various sporting opportunities both on land as well as in water. Some of them are golfing, scuba-diving and game fishing, etc. Botanical gardens, amusement parks also have an important part in attracting various kinds of tourists. The places to visit also varies for each zone of Pattaya. Hence the place has a variety of spots that attract people of all the age groups here and enjoy as per their preferences.


In simple, Pattaya as well as Bangkok are always said as fun switched places, where from sun rise to set beaches are found filled with water sport lovers and fun makers.


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