Bhutan Festivals

As the people here love to enjoy the life with flying colors, the festivals of this land are also of different colors. The festivals in Bhutan are colourful and so beautiful that the visitors also love to be a part of it. The festivals are usually based on the Buddhist Lunar Calendar as they follow Buddhism here. The Thimphu Tshechu is quite famous among the Bhutan festivals. This is a four day festival filled with dance and music. Each day there are different forms of dance performed based on different beliefs of the Buddhism and people remember their culture with each form of dance. On the first day, the dance of the four stag is performed by the locals. This dance is also known as Shacham. It is based on the time when the God of wind was subdued by Guru Rimpoche. Other dances on the very first day of this festival include Pelage Gingsum, Pancham and the Shawo Sachi. These all dances have one or more legend behind it which they demonstrate in the form of dance.


Punakha tsechu or the Dromche Festival is dedicated to the two main protective deities of Drukpas- Mahakala and Palden Lhamo. This festival takes place on the first month of the lunar year of the Buddhists. The religious dance performed during this festival is known as Cham, in which the dancers wear spectacular costumes, and masks and dance to the traditional tunes. Those who visit this place love to watch this dance as there can be hardly any other opportunity to see such art.


Among the famous festivals in Bhutan the Paro Tsechu is quite famous among the locals. This is a four day festival, and is huge. There are a number of dances based on several events from the Tibetan war in the seventeenth century. Some of the famous dances include Shinje yab Tum- Dance of the Lord of Death, Zshana- Dance of the Black Hats, Dance of the Drums- Dramitse Nga Cham, Dance of the Stag and the hounds- Shawa Sachhi and many more.


If you visit Bhutan during the time of the festivals, then the locals and the Buddhist monks of the monasteries will be happy enough to introduce you to the cultures and the traditions of their religion and hence it can be a right moment to know the culture closely. Discovering the secrets of Bhutanese history of religion is a major tourist attraction as well.


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