Bhutan Tourism

There are various countries and all of them have some distinct characteristics. And one of such distinct but beautiful country with awesome landscaping is the country of Bhutan. Bhutan- The Kingdom of the Buddhists. This country is a landlocked place with China and India on its north and south, east and west respectively. This place has the most number of mountains to discover. The beauty of Bhutan lies in its dense forests and high mountain peaks that attract a lot of people to this small country but beautiful land.


The locals are called Bhutanese and their traditional wear includes a saffron wrap around cloak. While taking the Bhutan tour you will get to know about the undiscovered history that lies in the lands of Bhutan. Bhutan Tourism includes tours to various monasteries, and temples. The place is filled with Buddhist saints and Hinduism is the second largest religion in Bhutan. There are doubtlessly a number of temples here but the beauty of this country is not limited to the temples only as there are a lot of other areas that can feel the heart with panoramic view of nature and awesome colours that can be hardly seen anywhere else.


The area of the place extends above 14000 square kilometres. While taking the flight to Paro, you will enjoy the view of the Mount Everest from above. The religion is calming and the art is superb. There are several temples and Stupas built in the ancient times that make a good place for site seeing in Bhutan. It is a perfect place for those who love to enjoy the natural beauty at its best.


The food of Bhutan is tangy and hot with vibrant flavours. Nepali and Bhutanese dishes are a very famous tourist attraction. Bhutan has lots to offer and is the perfect mixture of beauty and historical heritages.


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