Climate in Andaman

Andaman and Nicobar Islands have typical tropical weather. Another surprising thing is that it has no winter season and the rainy season lasts for nearly six months in a year. In short, it has only two seasons and one is summer and the other one is a monsoon. The summer season is from January to April. The average temperature during summers is around 25 degrees, and the maximum temperature reaches to about 35 degrees. If you are travelling to Andaman, you can easily do so at any time of the year. It is best to visit this place during summers because you can enjoy your holiday without any interruption from rain. During this period, the weather is usually warm, but you can experience a pleasant breeze from the sea. The evenings will be a bit cooler than the afternoon in summers.

The climate in Andaman is unlike any other place when it comes to monsoon. In this region, the monsoon typically lasts from May to September, which is the proper rainy season. Apart from that, the post-monsoon rains continue until December and literally makes it seem like rainy season instead of the winter season. Practically, this region has no winter season and monsoon season dominates most part of the year. During this period, the region receives heavy rain along with strong winds. The weather in Andaman will be very humid during this period and it may be little uncomfortable for visitors. The place receives an annual rainfall of nearly 300 cm and has a relative humidity of 70 percent during this period. In fact, this is the first place in India to receive the southwest monsoon. If you are planning a tour to Andaman, make sure to take this fact into consideration. Apart from the rains, there is no extreme weather in this region.


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