Climate in Goa

Goa being a coastal place enjoys the warm and humid weather for the most of the year. Being very close to the Western Ghats, it is blessed with lots of greenery and is a pleasant place to spend your holidays. It is well known for its clear water beaches which are very rare in other parts of the country. Most of the tourists come to this place to enjoy the beaches.


While the summers can be hot, the winters will be very pleasant. The temperature during the summer time is usually in the range of 25 degrees to 45 degrees. It will be very humid during this period which usually lasts from mid of March to the end of June. Usually, May is the hottest month of the year. The monsoon season kicks in from June and continues till the end of September. Goa receives exquisite monsoon, and this is reflected in the greenery of this place. The winter is very pleasant and the best weather in Goa for travellers coming to this place. The temperature in winter is in the range of 3 degrees to 11 degrees.


The climate in Goa is very good except for summers. During the monsoon season which begins from the month of July and continues till the end of September, you can get to see heavy rainfall throughout the state. It receives about 300 cm of rain per year which is considered very good when compared to other regions of the country. The humidity will be very high during the monsoon season, and it can rain continuously for many days. If you are planning a holiday tour to Goa, it is better to avoid the monsoon season. Otherwise, the weather is perfect especially during the winter season, and you can enjoy a pleasant holiday with your family and friends in the beaches of Goa.


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