Climate in Ladakh

Located in Jammu and Kashmir region of India, you can expect this region to be freezing for the most of the year. The weather in Ladakh is best during the summer season which is during the month of May to August. It is the most happening period regarding tourism as most people come to this place only during this period. The temperature during this period is in the range of 7 degrees to 21 degrees.


On the other hand, when you compare the temperature of this region during December to February will be in the range of -20 degrees (minus 20 degrees) which is not pleasant for visitors. The region gets maximum snowfall during this period, and you will see that most of the lakes and rivers will have ice sheets on top of them. Most of the highways to Ladakh remain closed during this period, and the land is virtually inaccessible. It is only after February that the location opens up for any business activity.


During the period of March and April, the climate in Ladakh is better and the temperature hovers around -5 degrees in the night to about 10 degrees in the afternoon. Even during this period, not many visitors come to this place. The tourist season begins from May and continues till the month of August. After September, the temperature begins to drop and even though the daytime temperature is good at around 20 degrees, the temperature during the night time drops to sub-zero levels, making it difficult for visitors. The interstate roads are closed for about six months from the beginning of this period. If you are also planning a trip to Ladakh, you have to plan it carefully and make sure that you are carrying proper travel gear so that you enjoy a comfortable holiday.


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