Egypt Festivals

Having a look at the culture and rituals of Egypt

Egypt is located in a sprawling area of 1010408 sqkm alongside the Nile valley. The corners of the country have North East Africa and South West Asia. Egypt connects Northeast Africa with the Middle East. Egypt is well known for its ancient heritage in form of tombs, monuments, pyramids and temples.


Every country has its unique and peculiar culture and rituals. It is always a delight for travellers to visit a holiday spot during its festivals or local holidays.One can also consider the Egypt Festivals while planning a holiday. Egypt is a combination of Muslim, Christian, and other religions which make it anexciting place for cultural festivals.


The famous Festivals in Egypt are:


Ramadan is a Muslim festival wherein they observe fast during the day time by abstaining from food and water. It is the time to connect with Lord and pray in abundance. After the fast is over it is the celebration time with new clothes, fairs in markets with theexchange of gifts and sweets. It is based on the lunarcalendar, so there is no fixed date for theholiday.


Leylet En Nuktah
It is celebrated on June 17 by Egyptian citizens for worshipping Nile River. They celebrate the yearly rise of theriver by camping and picnic along the riverside.


Coptic Christmas
Coptic Christmas is celebrated on 7th January by Coptic Christians. It is celebrated by all Egyptians. The houses and offices are decorated to welcome the festival. People gather and celebrate by eating traditional food.


Shaam Al Naseem
It is celebrated on 12th March to welcome the coming of thespring season. The streets are filled with musician, food vendors and dancers to have fun and entertain people.


MoulidAn Nabi
This day is celebrated to mark the birth of ProphetMohammad. Streets are filled with musicians, drummers, and dancers. Traditional food like hummus and halvah are sold on streets.


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