Festivals in Andaman Island

Since Andaman Islands are also known as the Mini India and also have a huge impact of Indian culture over the colony here, most of the festivals in Andaman are quite similar to the ones of India. The Tribes of the island celebrate the welcoming of the goddess Durga- the Durga Puja, The festival of Holi, Onam and Diwali are also celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. There are a lot of festivals which are celebrated in the common coastal belt of India are celebrated in this small Island also. Though there are a few of the Island festivals also here that are celebrated with great pride, enthusiasm and joy.


Apart from these the Island Tourism Festival is the largest festival celebrated, that attracts tourists from all parts of the world. It is held in the capital city- Port Blair, and is a ten day festival accompanied by food, music, games and rides. The entire city is decorated with a number of stalls that sell beautiful handicrafts and showcase a wide collection of flora and fauna. Several performers perform dances and there is a puppet show for the children too. There is also a parade and procession that display the festival peculiarities on the ground.


The beach festival was recently introduced in one of the Andaman fairs and festivals, there are several activities featuring this festival such as beach volleyball, kabaddi and Tug-of-war. The food festival in Andaman is celebrated on the same day of World Tourism day on the 27th of September. This festival is held at the ITF Grounds in Port Blair and takes place for 4 days. There are various cultural programmes and dance performances featuring the festival. There are movies held in different languages, and the entry is free for the visitors. The visitors can also enjoy various cuisines and drinks on these days.


The Film Festival is one of the most famous festivals among the tourists. It is held by the Information and publicity division of Port Blair. The festival showcases the Indian films in different languages. The fair has food stalls as well. The Block Mela and the Subhas Mela are some of the famous fairs and festivals celebrated in Andaman. Held during the months of May to June is the Monsoon Music festival of Andaman when there are a lot of live concerts arranged by a number of well-known music artists here and a lot of tourists enjoy the live music.


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