Festivals in Fiji Island

The festivals are very important for every culture and the same thing applies to the culturally heritage society of Fiji also. Fiji is officially called as the Republic of Fiji. There are various religions in Fiji, which has a public holiday dedicated to it individually. There are many important cities and towns in the country and the local carnivals which are also called as the Fiji island festivals. They are simply named over the name of the city or the town with which it is concerned. For instance, Sugar festival held in Lautoka, which is famous for the production of sugar and hence it has a quite well significance here.


Generally public holidays which fall on the weekend are moved either to the preceding Friday of the previous week or Monday of the following week, though they are actually celebrated on the particular day.

Fiji is famous for all these annual carnivals and it is the country which is always found with fun filled activities throughout the year. The famous festivals in the country are Fiji international Jazz and Blues festival. These both festivals lasts for three days in the month of May and welcomes various international jazz and blues musicians to perform. The other festival which is celebrated in the last week of the month of May, which is celebrated, honoring the founder of Modern Fiji. The event is concluded with the speech relating to Fijian unity and progress of the country.


Bula festival which is celebrated in the mid of the July. There are a lot of groups of artists singing and dancing are centered on this particular event and at the end of the day, a young woman is crowned with Miss Bula for the current year. Hibiscus festival, famous festival in the Fiji Island is celebrated all over the country in the month of August and it includes dance, singing, local arts, crafts, sports, music, food exhibited throughout the festival day. The people here are though hardworking but love dance and music also and hence the festivals are main days when the tourists can see the performance of the local artists here and enjoy the festivals being part of it.


Diwali as well as Ram Navami and Holi are also important festivals which are celebrated here with great joy and excitement. They are also an important part of festivals of this land and hence enjoyed by people.


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