Festivals in Himachal

The people of Himachal Pradesh are simple and religious in Nature. The state Comprises of 98% of Hindus, and hence the festivals have become a tradition of Himachal. Visiting the Himachal during the time of fairs and festivals, is an amazing experience. To be a part of these festivals, there are a number of tourists who visit for a perfect time and enjoy the culture of this land of beauty.


Among the famous festivals of Himachal, the Chet Festival is celebrated in the first month of the lunar year. The festival is considered to be the start of a new prosperous year that ends all sadness and begins with new hope. This festival has a huge significance among the locals and hence one can enjoy the cultural activities here in the days of this festival.


The Festival of Baisakhi, known as Bisowa in Kangra, is celebrated on the 13th of April every year. The preparation for this festival starts much earlier, when the people get their houses white washed. The women wear yellow saris with a red border as a custom dress during this festival. A traditional fair is held at many places to celebrate the occasion. This festival has also great importance across the state.


The festival of Diwali- festival of lights, Dushehra where the burning of the ten headed demon Ravan takes place, and Rakhi- the festival in which the sister ties a sacred thread to her rakshak, her brother, are some of the common festivals, celebrated in Himachal Pradesh as well.


Haryali is the festival of Harvest celebrated in the state of Himachal. It is celebrated on the first month of Saawan. A member of each household, sows around five to seven seeds of different variety of grains, in a basket, and waits till the stem sprouts. The stem is then offered to the respective Gods and Goddesses following a religious ritual. Bugs and blood sucking insects are burnt with cow dung on this day. The farmers are prohibited to yoke their oxen on this day. The main features of this colourful festival also include dancing and singing that demonstrate the skill of locals with flair of different culture and a lot of tourists gather just to view the dance here.


The simple people of the region warmly welcome the tourists at this time of the year, and encourage them to be a part of their celebration too.


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