Festivals in Hong Kong Macau

Each country has own culture which it love to preserve and display to the world with pride about the legacy from their time. The best time to know about any culture is to know th celebration of their festivals which is an important part of the culture. In this small country also there are end number of festivals celebrated by people. Festivals in Hong Kong Macau is celebrated with vibrant colours and rituals. The dates for these festivals are not fixed since the Chinese follow the lunar calendar.


The Macau Arts Festival is one of the famous festivals in Hong Kong Macau. The festival was established in 1973 and now is celebrated annually in the city of Macau. It is celebrated to pay tribute to the culture, rituals, honour and diversity of the city. It is celebrated with vibrant colours, and the features of this festival are Chinese Operas, painting exhibitions, dance and theatre. There is also a big street parade during this festival. The parade always has a number of floats and symbols that make the parade more interesting.


The Hong Kong Tuen Ng Dragon Boat festival holds one of the world's major dragon boat races. This festival takes place in the months of June or July and hosts several dragon boat races in ten different places. This festival carries on for various days, and during this time the number of tourists visiting the place also increases in number. The Dragon Boats mimic the old war canoes of the past and all that has to be done is paddling along with the drum beats which makes one feel the enthusiasm of the participants with great zeal.


The Mid- term Autumn Festival, is celebrated during Autumn Season in Macau. There are lion dances and boat races that take place during this time. The features of this festival are lighting of colourful lanterns of different shapes and sizes which provides a different look to the area. If you visit Hong Kong during the time of this festival, you may experience the Mid-Autumn Fest. There are performances like the Fire Dragon Dance held in the Causeway Bay during this time. Chinese New year celebrated in Hong Kong is the most Beautiful Festival where the Locals visit their relatives and there is a huge crowd in the local markets that buy flowers during this time. It is the most important festival of Hong Kong.


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