Festivals in Kerala

The land of India has a number of cultures and every culture has a lot of festivals. However, the festivals here are much different than many other states in this country. The Kerala Festivals are one of a kind. The festivals are celebrated with vibrant colours and beautiful costumes. The display of the Kerala Fairs and festivals are known for its beauty all over India. The simple and religious people of Kerala put up a beautiful show for the tourists and celebrate their festivals in harmony and Joy. The festivals here have religious backgrounds, present importance and a lot to offer to the tourists during their visit in the festival days.


The worldwide famous festival of ONAM: The Onam festival of Kerala is known as the state festival. It is celebrated in the holy month of Chingam that stretches from August to September. The reason for the grand celebration is the homecoming of the King Mahabali. The Kathakali Dance and the Snake boat race are the features of the beautiful Onam Festival.


The Theyyam Festival: Theyyam is the most popular form of art mainly confined to North Kerala. This festival includes beautiful Theyyam dance performances that takes place for six months from October or November and continues till the month of May or June. It is celebrated to worship the Goddess of dance.


Thissur Pooram Festival: Celebrated during the holy month of Medam, according to the Malayalese Calendar, is the Thissur Pooram festival. It is one of the most spectacular festivals of Kerala where the devotees of ten different temples meet under one ground to worship their respective deities. The festival includes several dance and music programmes followed by a vibrant display of fireworks. There are a lot of activities done in the temple including religious ritual, naivedyam and Mahaprasadam.


The Vishu Festival: The Vishu festival and Mandala Pooja are usually celebrated to welcome the Astronomical New year day for Kerala. This festival is celebrated in the months of December and January. The people pray for a prosperous and peaceful year ahead to the Lord Vishu and greet each other for a beautiful year ahead.


Kerala festivals and fairs include a mixture of all cultures of the state, and gives a slight touch of its own cultures and rituals, that makes them the most unique of all. These festivals attract tourists from all over the world in abundance like honeybees.


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