Festivals in Ladakh

Being a part of the vast land that has many diversified cultures, this area also has inherited many festivals of own culture. There are a number of colourful festivals celebrated in Ladakh. The locals and simple people there celebrate every fair and festival with happiness and joy. Among the famous fairs and festivals in Ladakh, the Hemis festival celebrated during July is most famous among the tourists. There is a large crowd at the Hemis monastery, during this time of the year. The celebration is based on the reincarnation of Lord Buddha and therefore a lot of followers of Buddhism gather here and worship their god. There is a special street play as well as a theatre performed inside the monastery based on the theme of life and its missions. The act is performed by locals wearing colourful masks and costumes which really offers a different feelings to the viewers coming here to enjoy the festival.


Among the several festivals of Ladakh, the Matho Nagrang festival is also celebrated with open hearts. This festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 1st month of the Tibetan Lunar calendar. It is a two days festival in which the monks of the monasteries wear colourful masks and robes to perform dances and acts in the form of different gods and Goddesses. There are many legendary stories behind the celebration as per locales.


The Losar Celebration or commonly known as New Year, is the most awaited festival in Ladakh. It is celebrated in the name of Tsogkha, who introduced the Gelukpa School of order. This festival lasts for almost a month, in which the people illuminate their houses and monasteries and make offerings in the holy pilgrimages. The Yuru Kabgyat Festival and The Strongday Gustor Festival are celebrated during the month of July.


When the tourists visit Ladakh during the festive season, they get to experience the vibrant rituals, customs, cultures and colours of the celebrations. The locals include the tourists in to their celebration warm heartedly and introduce them to their cultures as well. Some of the tourists also claim that the people are so jovial that they were allowed to stay at their homes over night with great hospitability. Hence, the people here are known for their hospitality and love if the visitors participate with them in their festival celebration during the concerned season. for visitors also it proves as a great opportunity.


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