Festivals in Shimla Manali

The festivals provide a great identity to the culture of the area and therefore they are very much important to bring two cultures together. There are a number of beautiful festivals celebrated in Shimla Manali. The festivals are colourful and vibrant. If you visit the place during the time of the festivals you will get to learn about the cultures and traditions of the locals. The locals here help the tourists to be a part of the festival and enjoy the same to the fullest extent.


Among the famous festivals in Shimla Manali, Haryali is celebrated during the months of July. It is celebrated on the first of Sawan and is also known as Shegsteum and Dhakhrain. Five to seven different kinds of seeds are sown few days before this festival, near the household deities in a small basket. The features of this festival include dancing and singing as well. This festival has huge importance among the local farmers. They enjoy the festival with greeting each other and wishing for good crop and prosperity.


Some of the common festivals celebrated by the Hindu community of the place is Rakhi and Dussehra. Rakhi is usually celebrated for the sisters to show their affection to their brothers. The sister ties a sacred thread on the wrist of the brother and in return she gets a gift or money. Dussehra is usually celebrated during the months of October and November and is based on returning of the Lord Rama. The feature of the festival includes dance, music and burning of the ten headed devil Raavan.


Lohri is a festival celebrated during the month of January on the first of Magh. The festival is also known as Maghi or Saza in some areas. The festival is held for 8 days and on the last day people make get together with their family and their societies. This festival also has huge relevance among farmers and hence the people in villages celebrate it with great joy and excitement.


Celebrated in the month of February is the famous festival of Shivratri. It is considered as the most important festival in the western Himalayas. Hence, among the followers of Shaivism this day has great importance. People make figures of Parvati and Lord Shiva with cow dung or soil and worship the idols. They praise and worship their deities by praying to them and singing and performing for them.


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