Festivals in South Africa

Festivals are always part of the culture and they display the prosperity of culture with the help of the process and way of celebration on the festival days. This country has huge diversified and prosperous culture which shows its festivals. When it comes to festivals in South Africa, there are a number of festivals that are unique, vibrant and colourful. The most awaited festival in South Africa is the Kaapse Klopse festival celebrated on the 2nd of January. The features of this festival include dance and singing, and it is a riot of colour and music. There is parade held at the streets as well. It is based on the theme of slavery prevalent in Africa in the 19th century. All the participants colour their face black and white proudly, that symbolises that they are proud citizens of the Cape. Here the dance is almost part of every festival but there is huge verity of dances as tribe to tribe and area to area one can see the huge variation in it.


Among the famous festivals in South Africa, the Knysna Oyster Festival is also one that is well known by the visitors. This festival is celebrated every year in the month of July in the town of Knysna. This Oyster festival is based on eaten over 200,000 different varieties of oyster. It is the celebration of molluscs in short! Moreover it also includes wine tasting, and gala evening shows and performances as well as competitions. Hence, the wine lovers remain present in this festival.

The Grahamstown National Arts Festival is a multi-event festival that showcases the various young art and talents of the locals as well as the visitors. There are theatre, art, painting competitions, dance, and poetry performances during this festival. This event is also held in July and holds over 200,000 participants from the nation and abroad. With the passage of time the ways and means to celebrate this festival has changed a lot.


The Hermanus Whale Festival takes place in the month of September. There is a special whale crier in the Walker’s Bay and the visitors get to see the adorable whales splashing in the blue water. There are several art and crafts sold during this time at this place, and there are whale shows as well. You’re lucky if you visit South Africa during the festive season. You will be mesmerized by the positive vibes of the place.


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