Forts in Jaisalmer

In the History of Rajutana and royal Rajasthan, Golden city of Jaisalmer has huge importance. There are grand palace and fort as well as lake have historical importance and hence the visitors of this city visit these places without fail. The Jaisalmar fort is one of the largest forts in Rajasthan. It was built by Rawal Jaisal in 1156 AD. Hence it was named after the name of the Rajput ruler. It is a world Heritage site that is located amidst the Thar Desert. During the day, the fort has its colour like a lion, that transforms to honey gold during the sunset and in the night is camouflaged into the sands of the desert. The Jaisalmar Fort is also termed as the Sonar Fort or the Golden Fort. There are a lot of other destinations also in the area and hence the visit to this city makes the trip a perfect one.


The fort is 1500 Feet Long and 750 feet wide, and has its height above 250 feet. It has four massive gateways and has many Havelis. These Havelis are made of yellow sandstone. These havelis have countless rooms and is more like a maze once you get in. The place also has a very organized and well planned drainage system termed the Ghut Nali that allows easy water passage away from the fort in all directions. The Patwa haveli is also a leading destination in the city and hence there are a lot of people who get impressed with the construction and design of these havelis that are still standing high.


The place has several eateries including Royal, Rajputana, French and Italian cuisine. A Bengali novel as well as a movie was made in the fort, named the Sonar Kella. During this time there were a large number of visitors visiting the fort. The fort, at present is facing some problems due to the increase in population. The drainage system is somewhat disrupted. The Six forts of Rajasthan along with the Jaisalmar Fort was included in the World Heritage Site by UNESCO during the 37th meeting.


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