Goa Festivals

The festivals is a part of culture that bring people closer and make them enjoy the time. The tourist destination has special importance of such festivals as it becomes the medium of exchange of cultures. During the festive season of Goa, the state dresses like a bride. There are carnivals and several other traditional festivals celebrated in Goa that are colourful and vibrant in nature.


Among the famous festivals in Goa, the Goa carnival is the most waited of all. It was first introduced by the Portuguese and is celebrated till now. If you visit the carnival, you will experience the positive and energetic vibes of the carnival. The streets are decorated with streamers and balloons. Performers dress up in colourful and vibrant costumes and paint their faces or wear beautiful masks. The streets echo with music and the carnival lasts for three days. There are game stalls and delicious food stalls as well. People move to various parts to check stalls and shops. There are also parades and processions that entertain people as well as provide a message of concerned festival.


The Feast of 3 kings is a unique festival celebrated in Goa. It is a nine day merriment where the Christians and Hindus both come together and offer prayers to the Lady of the Mount. There is a merry making that continues for nine days and on the last day, three little boys have to enact the role of the three kings. They should be between the age of 8 to 10. The feature of this festival is a huge fair as well.


The Kalas Utsav Festival in Goa is celebrated during the months of February and March and is also an important festival celebrated by people here. The festival is held at every alternate year at the Sri Morjaee Temple in the Morjim village. This festival carries on for a whole month and the first seven days holds the most of its priority. There are a number of activities arranged by the people and enjoy the festival to the fullest.


Good Friday or Easter is also celebrated by the Christian community of the Goa with much joy and enthusiasm. It marks the resurrection of Jesus and a grand feast starts from Thursday of a particular week continuing till Sunday, which is known as Easter Sunday. The features of this festival are Easter eggs, family get together and candies.


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