History of Rajasthan

The state has grand history which is full of stories of different kings and their golden days. The Rajasthan hisotry has a lot of talesabout their promises, intentions, rule and popularity in the public dew to their decisions that affect common public. There are a number of excellent rulers have ruled this beautiful piece of land in different eras. The scholar kings such as Sawai Jaisinh and Sawai Madhosinh has contributed a lot towards the development of their state and betterment of people's life here. The legendary king Maharana Pratap and brave heart Durgadas are gems of this land who have left their name written with golden words in the history of Rajasthan.


The land is no doubt desert here but has produced brilliant characters such as Veer Bhamasha who offered his everything for the mother land. The noble soul such as Meerabai also belong to this land and therefore the Lord Krishna has also stayed here in the form of an Idol at Nathdwara.


The Scholar King Jaisinh has also contributed a lot to the world of Astronomy as well as Astrology with his excellent knowledge about these subjects. The land has also produced the brave animals such as Horse Chetak who is an unforgettable hero of the Haldighati war between Mughals and Rajputs.


This land has witnessed a lot of wars and bloodsheds with different battles fought between kings. Though it is a barren land but in the history of India it has got a huge importance and therefore every ruler at Delhi has always annexed this land and brave people of the land has always struggled to maintain their freedom and fraternity irrespective of their life or death. They have never compromised with their self-respect and honour despite a lot of attempts and attacks by various kings of neighbour states.

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