Hotels in Sri Lanka

When you are planning your trip to Sri Lanka, the first thing that you need to consider immediately after travel would be your stay. You need to find a decent accommodation that can help you surf through the town without hindrance. For some location matters, for others there are some other specifications like budget. The whole thing boils down to a comfortable stay. So, you would need a good list of hotels that can help you combine your good experience with good stay. There are a lot of hotels in this beautiful country that can help one to have an international standard stay experience. These hotels offer not only scenic view stay but also excellent facilities during the stay of the guest. Here's a list of some of the boutique hotels that you can choose to stay in.


Casa Heliconia, Kaleiva


It is located along the route from the airport to Colombo, giving you an idyllic view of the country. The boutique hotel is definitely one of the best in league. It possesses Boho Chic pavilions and is enriched with carved doors, lavish fabrics and curios that also reflect the Buddhist cultural effects. It contains the Pagoda Gold and Temples of Angkor among other things.


Cantaloupe Aqua, Talpe


This is a beach club located near Koggala, and is one of a kind lifestyle hotel. It has Jacuzzis and lofty mezzanines which can be your companion for sleep. It has pop art styles, and houses floor to ceiling windows. A nice pool and updated restaurant and bar will help you splurge on good food and nice dining.


Fortaleza, Galle Fort


This is a 400 year old warehouse restructured as a hotel, with amicable and elegant interior designs. It has a convivial walled restaurant and has a good bar that offers excellent time.


  • Kashmir
    Delight (6N/7D)
    Starting from: Rs.16,675*
  • Kerala
    Kerala Special
    Delight (6N/7D)
    Starting from: Rs.16,675*


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