How to Reach Andaman

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the most beautiful islands of India and is growing in popularity in recent times. It is also well connected by flights, and you can quickly reach Andaman from any part of India. However, it is best to choose Andaman tour from Chennai as it has a direct flight to Andaman. Apart from that, only Kolkata has a direct flight to Andaman. You also have to note that foreign travellers need permission to visit these islands. However, Indian citizens can visit Andaman without any permission. It will take about 2 hours in flight from Chennai.

If you are planning for Andaman tour from Bangalore, it is best to book a flight from Chennai to Andaman, and you can reach Chennai from Bangalore by road or rail. It will take only about 5 hours from Bangalore to Chennai by both road and train and from there, you can proceed to Andaman. Even visitors from Delhi can do the same thing and book the flight from Chennai to Andaman. You can reach Chennai by taking a direct flight from Delhi. If you want to travel by train, it will take about 40 hours to reach Chennai. It is the best way to plan Andaman tour from Delhi.

You can also reach Andaman by ship though few people prefer this option. It will be a thrilling experience and will take about four days to reach Andaman by ship from India. You can also plan for Andaman tour from Kerala. It is better to first reach Chennai and then plan your tour depending on your convenience. If you have enough time on hand, you can choose to travel by ship as it will give you a different experience. You will enjoy the journey if you are travelling with a large group of family and friends.


  • Kashmir
    Delight (6N/7D)
    Starting from: Rs.16,675*
  • Kerala
    Kerala Special
    Delight (6N/7D)
    Starting from: Rs.16,675*


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