How to Reach Bangkok Pattaya

Pattaya is a known and most important city located just 147 KM from Bangkok. It is one of the major tourist destination in the South East Asia. It is much popular among the aqua sport lovers and adventure sport lovers as there are a lot of points where one can enjoy various aqua games. It is famous for beach resorts too. Tourists find it more interesting to visit the Pattaya in cool season, which ranges from November to February, supporting the visitors in all means.


Pattaya is provided with all means of transport such as rail, road, water and air. It is well connected with highways like Highway-3, Highway-7. Tourists can also find buses for every half hour from Bangkok’s eastern bus terminal.


Most people travelling from Bangkok to Pattaya usually take buses as they are frequent and people also find air conditioned buses from all the corners of Bangkok. Therefore from any point one can easily catch the bus which can take one to the city in just few hours. There are also buses from Bangkok airport to Pattaya directly which are available for every hour making your trip simple. Some tourists prefer renting a car so that they travel easily to almost all the places in and around Pattaya.


The journey from Bangkok to Pattaya not even take more than two hours. Visitors selecting air mode of transportation need to reach U-Tapao airport, which is the nearest airport located almost 30 KM away from Pattaya and has limited connectivity to destinations preferred. Suvarnabhumi is the other airport which is little far from Pattaya but is well connected in all means and has taxis available from the airport to the desired destinations. There are also lot of flights from many international cities that directly connects to Bangkok and Pattaya.


  • Kashmir
    Delight (6N/7D)
    Starting from: Rs.16,675*
  • Kerala
    Kerala Special
    Delight (6N/7D)
    Starting from: Rs.16,675*


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