How to Reach Bhutan

The Land of Bhutan is much known for religious and spiritual activities and there are lot of spots to see, and discover in this holy kingdom of pilgrims. The place is filled with monasteries and holy pilgrims and majority of them are influenced by Buddhism as it is the main religion followed in this country. The Buddhists are jovial people whose company you will enjoy while discovering the cultures and traditions of the place. The cuisine of Bhutan, the festivals of Bhutan and the Nightlife in Bhutan are things which a traveller would never forget since the place will surely be special for him or her.


The question rises of how to reach Bhutan. Well there are several roadways as well as airways to visit the land of Bhutan. Paro, is the international airport of Bhutan, from where you can get flights to your home town and you can get flights from your hometown directly to Paro. Flights from Delhi and Kolkata are prevalent to reach Paro. In case the direct flight from your city is not available you can reach to the nearest airport that have direct flights to this city. If an individual is up for a journey from Nepal then there is a direct flight from Kathmandu to Paro. If you’re travelling via Car, then the point of entry into Bhutan is the Jaigaon border. There is only a stately gate that separates India from Bhutan. With a few legal formalities one can enter this country and explore it at his best. The government of Bhutan has made its accessibility quite convenient for the tourists by having a well linked network of roads and therefore it is easier to go by the roadways to this country also. If you prefer roadway, you can witness the beautiful view of this country.


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