How to reach Egypt

Travelling modes for Egypt


One of the major pre-requisites while planning a trip is the travelling mode. One needs to have beforehand knowledge about the facilities to reach the holiday spot so that the tickets can be booked accordingly.


Egypt is a famous travelling destination for people worldwide owing to its famous sightseeing locations, and other attractions like beaches, local markets, pyramids, tombs and lavish restaurants & Villas. It is located on thebank of river Nile with its North East Corner with Africa and South West corner as Asia. It is also known as a Eurafrasian nation.


Egypt has excellent connectivity in theform of Airways, Railways and Roadways. The airlines that operate to Egypt are Saudi Flights, Etihad Airways, Air India, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Kuwait Airways, British Airways and Swiss flights to name a few. There are 9 international airports in Egypt by which one can travel to all cities like Cairo international airport and Taba International Airport. The capital city,Cairo, is known as the gateway to thecountry as it receives flights from all major countries like USA, Asia, Africa and Europe. However, Luxor Airport caters to tourist destinations of Nile Valley.


The railway system of Egypt can be considered as the lifeline of local people of Egypt owing to its excellent connectivity. The tourists can travel to various cities comfortably in the trains as they are Air-conditioned and have 1st& 2nd class service. Most trains connect to Cairo and Alexandria. There are few luxury trains also to connect selected tourist destinations.


There are 2 main crossings by road which is Taba and Rafah to reach Egypt. One can also travel by bus and cabs or Limousines to central Cairo. Other local commute services like shuttles, cabs, buses and cars can be used to travel within the country or as a mode of travelling to various cities in the country.


  • Kashmir
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