How to Reach Ladakh

Ladakh is undoubtedly one of the most scenic locations in the country with its snow covered mountains and ancient Buddhist monasteries. It is also the coldest desert in the world. If you are also planning Ladakh tour from Delhi, you can easily reach within a couple of hours by flight. You can also travel by road which will take about 18 hours. The best way to reach Ladakh is on a road trip as you can enjoy the breathtaking a view of the snow-capped mountains.


The Ladakh tour from Mumbai will be a long journey and would take about 6 hours in flight and more than 34 hours by road. It will be a better option to reach Delhi or Chandigarh by flight and then take the road to Ladakh. If you drive from Chandigarh to Ladakh, you will get to see a lot of popular tourist attractions on the way. You will be surprised to know that travellers from as far as Chennai also come to this place. Ladakh tour from Chennai is best accomplished by taking a flight from Chennai to Delhi and then taking a cab from Delhi to Ladakh. In this way, you will save a lot of time spent in travelling and also get to see the best scenic locations on the way to Ladakh by taking the roadways.


The Ladakh tour from Jaipur is also very easy if you travel by train to Delhi and then take the cab from Delhi to Ladakh. Most people visiting Ladakh follow this route as it is very convenient. Apart from this, if you are not having enough time, you can also take the direct flight to Ladakh from Jaipur, which will take about 4 hours. With this route, you will get to spend a lot of time in Ladakh and enjoy the place.


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