How to Reach Rajasthan

Rajasthan is well known all over the world for its rich culture and tradition. It is one of the most preferred holiday destinations in India with lots of unique tourist attractions. Right from eco-tourism to pilgrim tourism to cultural tourism, there is everything you want in this fantastic place. It is also very well connected by road, rail and airways. If you are wondering how to reach Rajasthan by air, you can travel to Jaipur, Udaipur or Jodhpur. Jaipur is an international airport, and alternatively, you can also go to Delhi by flight and reach Rajasthan by road.


Rajasthan has an extensive network of roadways, and you can easily reach this place from anywhere in India. Many people travelling to Rajasthan from Chennai and Kerala arrive at Jaipur. It is well connected to Delhi also, and you can easily reach this place from Delhi. It is just a few hours drive from Delhi. You can book Rajasthan tour from Chennai and also travel by train. It will take about 36 hours to reach Rajasthan from Chennai in the train. You can also travel by bus or drive yourself to save some time. The national highway connecting Rajasthan is magnificent, and you can comfortably drive your own vehicle.


Many people also travel to Rajasthan from Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Udaipur is the nearest place in Rajasthan if you are travelling from Mumbai or Ahmedabad through road. If you want to take flight, you have to reach Jaipur, which is well connected with flights from all over India. You can book Rajasthan tour from Mumbai and easily travel by train also. It will take about 17 hours to reach Udaipur from Mumbai and about 11 hours from Ahmedabad. It is also well connected through road, and you can even travel by bus which almost takes the same time.

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