How to reach Seychelles

Travelling modes to reach the beautiful country of Islands


One of the most important aspects to consider while planning for a holiday trip is that of the means of travelling. One needs to have hands on information about the travel options which can make you reach your destination. There are many ways like Airways, Railways, Roadways or Seaways to commute which ultimately depends onfrom which part of world one wants to travel.


There are various tourism websites and trip advisors along with travel guides which can help in planning and booking of tickets. The flights which provide services to Seychelles are Etihad, Quantas, Air France, South African, Jet Airways, Ethiopian and SriLankan Airlines.


The most preferred and easy way to travel to Seychelles is from the UK through Seychelle airlines from Seychelles International Airport on Mahe Island from London Heathrow airport. The flight departs every Friday and Sunday around 6pm in theevening which arrives Mahe at 10 am.


Air Seychelles also runs frequent small flights for connectivity between Mahe to other small Islands. There are more than 20 flights daily that run from Mahe to Praslin. One can also take ferries from Mahe to Praslin, which takes 45 minutes only. If one wants to reach La Digue from Praslin, one can take ferries. One can even take small flights from mahe to Bird Island.


If one plans to travel from India through Seaways, then the journey would start from Mumbai Port to Victoria port in cruise. The airlines that travel from India to Seychelles are Emirates, Jet Airways, Air India, Air Seychelles and Etihad. Flights to Seychelles can be taken from main cities of India such as Mumbai and Chennai, which give excellent connectivity.


After reaching the specific Island of Seychelles, one can take local transport services to reach other required destinations through air, sea or road.

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