How to reach South Africa

The South Africa is a famous country in the world of tourism. There are a number of spots where the visitors like to be and enjoy the time. Hence, there are a number of people who love to move there. The natural scenes and endless beautiful spots attract a lot of people from all over the world round the year to this developing nation. Well, the best way to visit the country- South Africa is to check a number of options offered by various sites. Here one can also take support of tourism consultants who have various routes that can be much useful as per cost as well as time. The site offers great deals and discounts if you book your ticket online. There are tourism packages and splendid offers for the luxury places to reside in.


If you choose the tourism packages you will get certain offers of visiting the historical sites, the jungle safaris, and the adventures in South Africa. One can use any of the three modes of transportation, be it air, road or sea. There are direct flights to South Africa as well. For an Indian tourist, the best way to reach the place is definitely by air. The only two airlines that offer a direct flight to Africa are the South African Airways and the Jet Airways. If not, then you can travel with indirect flights from the major cities of India like Delhi or Chennai. Well if you’re no Indian tourist, and reside in neighbouring cities beside South Africa, then you can travel by bus or by cars, as well.


Besides the two mentioned airlines from India to South Africa, there are other airlines as well that link South Africa to India such as the Qatar Airways and the Turkish Airlines.


  • Kashmir
    Delight (6N/7D)
    Starting from: Rs.16,675*
  • Kerala
    Kerala Special
    Delight (6N/7D)
    Starting from: Rs.16,675*


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