How to Reach Vietnam

Travel options to reach Vietnam


When one decides to travel, the most important point is to find out the ways to reach the destination. After exploring the holiday spot thoroughly, one goes to next step of finding the modes of transportation which further leads to thebooking of tickets. One can go via airways or roadways to the desired location. Few places do not have a direct connectivity which requires the traveller to take a flight from other junction and then reach the final destination by other means.


Off late Vietnam has become one of the most preferred and favourite travel destinations for people across the world. The reason for this popularity is the exotic beaches, heritage monuments, rich ancient culture, scenic beauty and French colonies along with vibrant and happening places like shopping malls, clubs, restaurants and lavish resorts.


Ways to reach Vietnam:



There are 3 international airports at your rescue to come to Vietnam i.e. Hanoi-DaNang and Ho Chi Minh. There are many airlines such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Air France, Etihad, Malaysian Airlines and Lufthansa, which provide services to Vietnam.


Vietnam is connected directly with flights from various countries like Australia, Cambodia, China, Germany, France, Thailand, US, Korea, and India.


Vietnam can be reached directly by international trains from Beijing and Nanning to capital of Vietnam Hanoi. Trains are recommended only if one wants to reach northern Vietnam as the trains mostly have low speed.


Vietnam can be reached by road easily from China, Cambodia, and Laos. Vietnam has 3 border crossings with Cambodia and 6 with Loas. However, going to Vietnam from Cambodia is easier than Laos. One can take regular buses from both places for Vietnam,but a visa is essential before entering the Vietnamese border.


There are only 2 options to reach Vietnam bythe sea which is of taking a ferry or cruise through Mekong Delta in Cambodia.


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