Malaysia Festivals

Malaysia is a land of cultures and traditions. This small and beautiful country has a great cultural heritage which can be enjoyed by the visitors during their trip to Malaysia. The festivals celebrated here are colourful and vibrant in Nature. Among the famous festivals in Malaysia, the Chinese New year day has great importance as there are a lot of areas where one can see the effects of Chinese culture also. The market stalls are decorated with Chinese souvenirs, and the Chinese communities decorate their houses and the streets. There are end number of activities, parades and processions make the day memorable. The features of the day include lion and dragon dance performances, fireworks and Chinese street food. It is considered as the welcoming of a new year with positive energy and a fresh start in almost all the activites. It is celebrated in the month of January or February according to the Chinese calendar.


Another festival celebrated during the month of January is Thaipusam. It is the festival in which the devotees carry huge ornamented frames, known as Kavadis to the Batu caves at Selangor. The followers of Buddhism celebrate the day with great joy and pride. The festival is unique and must be seen at least once. Celebrated by the Buddhist community is the Wesak Day, during the month of May. The festival begins with meditation and prayer, and is celebrated in the memory of the three significant phenomenons in Buddha's life- his birth, enlightenment and achievement.


The Dragon boat Festival celebrated during the month of June is a famous Malaysian Festival. It is also known as the Chang Festival that commemorates the patriot and a poet of China named Qu Yuan. The feature of the festival is the boat race. One can see a great enthusiasm among the racers and it is really a lifetime opportunity to see the race. The Rainforest World Music festival celebrated during the month of July is a three day music festival. It is held annually on the grounds of the Sarawak Cultural Village. It pays tribute to various music of the world, and displays several acoustic world instruments. It is one of the major attraction for a lot of tourists.


If you pay a visit to Malaysia during the festive season, you will experience the wide range of festivals celebrated annually. More over the jovial locals will introduce you to their traditions and cultures as well.


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