Nepal Festivals

The beautiful place of Nepal celebrates more than 50 festivals every year. This small but beautiful piece of land has a great cultural heritage that the visitors can enjoy every year. The Land of Mountains celebrate national festivals based on the Nepali Lunar Calendar, and the best part of the Fairs and festivals in Nepal is the enthusiasm with which these festivals are celebrated. Every festival here has a huge history behind and hence the celebration of this land is really a perfect time to visit.


The most important festival in Nepal is the Dasai Festival, commonly known as Dusshehra. It is marked as the starting of a new year. During this festival, the kids are the happiest of all. The Nepalis perform pujas at home marked by a special kind of tika of consisting of flowers, rice and Holi. People usually gather around and go for picnics on this day. They visit the temples and worship the god of their concerned clan for wealth and well-being of the family members.


Nepal festivals include the worshipping of animals as well. The Ghode Jatra and Gai Jatra are the festival of horses and the festival of cows. The festival of Horses in Nepal takes place during the month of March and April. There is a parade held at Tundikhel where there are exciting sports performed by the Army in the presence of the King. There are also people who wear masks of horse and cow on these days with the parade and procession.


The cow festival is celebrated every year in the month of August and September. This festival is the most popular festival of Nepal as it is the perfect mixture of humour, comedy and shades of sadness. This festival has the message of "Life must go on under any situation". This festival is celebrated by those who have lost a member of their family over the past one year, they dress the sons of the family as cows, who roam around on the streets and display various situations with perfect combination of expressions. The animal is considered as Goddess and also is the national animal of Nepal. The cow like attire brings happiness and laughter to the nation, whereas the grief of loss of a family member prevails in the hearts of the people too. Since the nation is covered with Hindus, the festivals celebrated are mostly based on Hinduism.


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