New Zealand Festivals

New Zealand Festivals are full of colours. The events are usually related to art, media and music. The crowd goes wild and every local citizen participates happily in the events that take place during the celebration. A lot of processions and parades are carried out at various places during a number of festivals. People decorates their areas and also dress according to the theme of the celebration as well as the festival.


Among the famous festivals in New Zealand the most awaited one is the Art Splash festival held annually. There are over 100 primary schools and over 18,000 students that participate in this festival. It is a two weeks programme that includes dance, theatre, choir, visual arts and backstage events like art competition etc. The festival encourages the participants from all schools to showcase their talents, the venues are Michael Fowler Centre and the Opera House. This festival has tremendous importance in the society of this country and hence it is also considered as a cultural heritage program in the New Zealand.


The New Zealand Winter Games are held after every alternate year at different places in New Zealand. The festival includes various sports such as cross country skiing, free style skiing, ice hockey and many more. The recent Winter Games were held at Naseby in Queenstown, and is organized by the government of New Zealand, and The New Zealand Olympic Committee. It is a perfect platform for novice players as well as professionals. There are a lot of games and adventure activities players participate in games that encourage young players.


The Big Mountain Short Film Festival in New Zealand is a single day event that takes place in New Zealand. The festival includes story telling that is much appreciated by the visitors and the entry is free for all. The organizers also hire professional guest speakers that act as a critic for the film makers. It is a perfect platform to encourage the film making also.


You can enjoy the colourful splash of the art festivals in New Zealand, or you can dance to the beat of the music festival of the country. The simple and jovial people of New Zealand spend their lives, living in the smallest happiness available. Hence, their years pass by celebrating and enjoying such festivals and fairs. Be it the Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival, or the Couch Soup Theatre festival, every event is celebrated gracefully.


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