Nightlife in Australia

Australia glistens like stars in the moonlit sky at night. People do know about the wildlife and the beautiful sightseeing places during the day but little do they know about Australia, coming to life in the night. Australia Nightlife is as interesting as taking a tour around the country during the day. With the free culture it has a number of places where one can enjoy the night hangout with friends. This beautiful country has end number of entertainment activities which can help one to enjoy the beauty of the land at night with all these funny activities.


Australia bars, casinos and restaurants are the reasons for the popularity of Australia's Nightlife. For a casino lover, Australia is just the right place. You can go for a drink and dance your heart out in the night clubs, or try out your luck in one of the several casinos. There are a lot of games on which one can try and if fortune favors, get a great reward also in terms of success in the casinos.


Wrest Point Casino was the first casino in Australia, to have acquired a licence. Now there are many more casinos in Australia, but the gamble would be incomplete if you do not visit the very first one- Wrest Point Casino. This casino has still maintained its popularity among the gamblers and casino lovers. The Eureka Sports Saloon Cafe at Geelong is a restaurant-cum-bar. The club usually includes adults till the age of 25 and serves as a cafe during the day. The place has perfect access to transport facility, so even if you're late you do not need to hover around in search of a cab as one or the other type pf transportation is easily available from here.


Though there are several bars and restaurants, in the country, you wouldn't like to miss a tour around this place- Dracula's. As the name suggests, it is a scary house, yet an amazing place to party. The place has the look of a haunted mansion, and as you enter, a ghost train takes you into the world of Draculas. The place serves a three course meal as it remains open during the day as well.


Australia Nightlife Places include the beautiful beaches, Surfers paradise club, you can even go for the movies instead of a club. The city just never sleeps! Your nights can never go vacant in a country like Australia.


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