Nightlife in Bhutan

From the tourism as well as tourist point of view, the night life of a city is very much important. When it comes to Bhutan Nightlife, then the place has several bars and restaurant to offer to its visitors. There are number of varieties in wine that one can enjoy here. The nightlife is vibrant and beautiful. The streets glisten with beautiful lights and the bars stay open till late night. Whether you’re single, you’re mingled or you’re with your family you have a number of options to choose for.


Among the Bhutan Nightlife places, Vivacity is very famous for its energetic atmosphere and vibes. This Bhutan Nightclub is famous for the young rebels, ravers and rockers. This place maintains it energetic vibes throughout the weekend. The dance floor is contagious, and no matter how many left feet you have, you will always get the better of yourself on the Viva city dance floor. The place has neon lights flashing all over in the dark, the DJ plays tracks that include rock, rap, pop and hip hop. If you’re not a person on the dance floor, then you can sit and relax on the lounge and sip on your drink as well while watching the dancers on the floor.


Club Ace is another popular nightclub in Bhutan for the young locals. The place has a mirrored dance floor where the youngsters are not shy to show off their moves. The motto is to dress to impress. The mainstream jams get the crowd banging on the dance floor. Mojo Park is a live music venue that resides in the hearts of the Bhutanese. The place has a live band to perform on every weekend. Once you enter the place you will understand why the place is so famous. There are many foreign tourists one can see here roaming and enjoying dance with locals also. The music, moves and party keep on still late night and in some cases early morning also. This club is much famous among Indians as well as tourists from other countries.


Space34 is an awesome nightclub where the Glow party is the most awaited event among the locals. This glow party is all about neon colours flashing everywhere. There is a smoking bar area and the non -stop music carries on the entire night. Here also one can enjoy the dance and drink to its best till late night.


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