Nightlife in Fiji Island

Fiji island night life is a kind of entertainment which usually starts in the late evenings and extend to the early hours in the morning. Nightlife is generally beautiful in the well-known cities. Fiji island night life includes Fiji island night clubs, pubs, bars, night clubs, parties, live music, concerts, cabarets, theaters, cinemas, shows and restaurants too. These places require a high coverage charges as the entry fees. There are end number of spots on this small island where one can enjoy the dinner, drink and dance to the fullest extent. There are various pubs and casinos for the drink as well as gamble lovers. One can enjoy it with complete safety here.


People of Fiji do lots of things such as on board parties, beach side parties and many other. The on board parties are something which are celebrated on the ship with the crew till the early hours in the morning in the mid of the sea. Beachcomber is the one well-known with Fiji travelers. It is a very small place with a large dorm and splendid buffet. People also have bars where they find a lot kinds of drinks. Besides to this people are also entertained by providing the other facilities like music, television shows etc. Fijians are normally fun loving people, they generally make evening dance and pranks enjoying their time. There are also a lot of local bands where people can enjoy the live shows with their stunning performances. The music, local dance and various styles make the atmosphere lively and full of entertainment in the mid of the night.


People also make fire walking, which is more common in many parts of the country. Suva is one of the best place in the country which has various night life spots.Fiji island night life places like sandbar are very unique and the floor of this place is completely covered with sand. People generally don't prefer shoes in this particular place. There is a live band available every night and it is mandatory for all the people to join the blue dance. People participating in the event are generally found in bikinis, skirts, shorts, etc. beach wears. There are other places where people find indoor games to play the whole night and some of the even compete with others participating in the matches. Most common games of this kind are snookers, badminton and beach ball.


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