Rajasthan Festivals

This state amid the desert has a number of festivals. The state is famous for Rajasthan fair & festivals that display the culture of the state. There are a lot of festivals celebrated here because of which the state is famous all over the globe. The tourists love to enjoy Rajasthan Festivals that are celebrated by people and they also love to participate in these festivals to enjoy them.


Gangaur Festival: Gagaur is a famous festival in the state of Rajasthan. It is a famous festival of Hinduism celebrated all over the state. People worship Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati and perform special puja on this day. It is primarily celebrated by women who seek blessings from gods for long life of husband and unmarried girls observe the day to get a good husband.


Holi: Holi is a famous festival of India but the same is much popular across the state of Rajasthan. People play with colours and spread message of brotherhood. People play with sprinklers and also enjoy various folk dances during this festival.


Mewar Festival: It is a known festival celebrated in the Mewar area during the Gangaur festival. This festival is celebrated at Udaipur city. People enjoy the festival with beautiful folk songs, folk dance and processions by women dressed in colourful clothes. At the lake Pichola there are a lot of boats are also decorated and one can enjoy and excellent view of the festival here.


Mount Abu Festival: The Mount Abu festival is celebrated at Mount Abu during the summer on the day of Buddha Purnima. Fireworks and boat racing at Nakkilake are the main attractions during this festival. One can also view race of roller skating and enjoy a lot during this festival.


Marwar Festival: It is a major attraction at the city of Jodhpur. There are a lot of games, folk dance and folk music with many dramas are performed during this festival. People can also enjoy horse polo as well as horse riding during the festivals. It lasts for two days.


Pushkar Fair: It is a known fair across India where one can enjoy camel race and camel auction here. A lot of folk music, folk dance, dramas and stories can be enjoyed during this festival. One cannot forget to taste the sweets here during this fair.


Desert Festival: The desert fair is the main attraction at the Golden city of Jaisalmer. One can go for camel safari and jeep safari and visit the mid of desert. One can witness camel race, folk dance, turban tying competition and many more events here during the festival.

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